Do Trees Stop Growing? Unveiling the Truth for Homeowners in Plant City, FL

Here’s a scenario: you’ve planted a new tree in your front lawn and are eager to watch it grow over your lifetime. But how big will it get again? Do trees stop growing at some point?

Central Florida Tree Care experts specialize in providing high-quality tree service in Plant City, FL, and nearby areas. Read more to learn if or when trees stop growing and how you can alter how your tree grows.

do trees stop growing

When Do Trees Stop Growing?

When searching tree nurseries, each option has a general height limit. For example, you can expect mimosa trees to grow 25 to 30 feet tall and get no taller than that. Even with consistent tree care, trees seem to stop growing height and widthwise.

However, there both is and isn’t an end to your tree growth.

Trees look like they stop growing or thickening, but a living tree can keep making new leaves, roots, and other components. Therefore, a tree that looks to have stopped growing may continue to grow for decades, even centuries.

Promoting Healthy Tree Growth

Now knowing your tree won’t become monstrously tall 50 years from now, you can rest easy. However, now your tree is missing its benchmarks, and some of the leaves it grew have even fallen off prematurely.

You’re facing tree growth cessation and don’t know why. Do trees stop growing for other reasons that you can prevent?

#1. Faulty Sunlight Exposure

Trees produce energy for their entire system by using sunlight and photosynthesis. Unlike some flowers, few trees tolerate high shade, while others can tolerate light shade. If your neighbor’s tall tree is one of many factors stalling tree growth, you may want to move yours to a more consistently sunny spot.

#2. Not Quite Hardy Enough

Have you ever seen a zone indicator when looking for your desired tree? The zone refers to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, which shows the lowest temperatures for certain areas. Plants with a zone number that doesn’t match your area won’t flourish well.

Plant City, FL, is in Hillsborough County, which has Zones 9b and 10a. Trees unaccustomed to extreme minimum temperatures of 25 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit will likely experience stalling or early ceasing tree growth.

#3. Not Enough Nutrients

Trees need sunlight, water, and proper, nutrient-rich soil. You may need to test your soil in a laboratory to see what it may be missing if you face issues with tree growth halting.

For instance, trees can suffer from iron deficiency like humans. You can resolve this by ensuring the soil is the right pH for your tree and giving the tree iron supplements.

Need to Know Other Factors Stalling Tree Growth?

Do trees stop growing, or do you need arboricultural help to keep them growing as healthily as possible? Central Florida Tree Care has been helping Plant City households keep their yards beautiful for over 10 years. You can trust us to provide top-quality customer service, care for newly planted trees, and more.

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