How to Care For Newly Planted Trees in Plant City, FL

A garden is an investment that can pay great dividends. Trees make for amazing features that provide shade and beauty. However, you need to know a few things about how to care for newly planted trees if you’re going to help them survive.

In this post, Central Florida Tree Care, your expert tree service in Plant City, FL, shares some tips for your newly planted trees.

Protect Your Trees From the Start

So, you’ve planted a new tree, and you want it to thrive. The first step is protection, and mulch is a great start. 

Using an organic product gives your tree the following benefits:

  • Retain moisture 
  • Regulate soil temperatures
  • Smother weeds
  • Decompose and release nutrients slowly for the root system to absorb

How do you apply mulch correctly? Your first tip on how to care for new trees is that you should never let organic material touch the bark. If it does, the trunk won’t dry out and can rot. 

Your next tip is to spread the mulch to just outside the outer canopy edge, and about three inches deep. As the canopy widens, you’ll extend this layer.

Support The Tree’s Growth As Needed

The next tip for how to care for newly planted trees is to provide them with the nutrients and water they need. 


Watering newly planted trees is critical when it comes to them forming an extensive root system.

  • Water your sapling every day for the first two weeks
  • Thereafter, make it every second or third day until week 12. 
  • Then, water it weekly for the first year. 

You should use a soaker system rather than a garden hose to deliver a steady stream of water. You’re looking at about five to ten gallons a week as a rough guide. 


If you prepare the soil properly before planting, you shouldn’t need to feed the tree straight away. 

Local arborists like Central Florida Tree Care recommend testing the soil for pH and nutrient deficiencies so that you can add a slow-release fertilizer if needed. 

Perform Careful Maintenance at Just the Right Time

If you carefully tend to your young sapling, trimming it carefully, you can look for problems. 


Don’t worry about trimming trees in these early stages. You only need to remove competing leaders or branches that are rubbing together.

Look Out for Troubling Signs

Call us for help if you notice the following: 

  • Summer leaf drop: the tree is experiencing significant stress
  • Leaf color changes: a water or nutrient deficiency
  • Wilting leaves: under or overwatering
  • Dying twigs or branches: the young tree can’t support its structure
  • Bark peeling from the trunk in large quantities: disease
  • Signs of pest infestation: mud tubes, chewed leaves, and holes
  • Signs of disease: blotches on leaves, abnormal growths, or powdery residue

Contact Our Local Arborists to Give Your Trees the Best Possible Start

Now that you know how to care for newly planted trees, you’re all set to create a beautiful garden. Why not call Central Florida Tree Care at (863) 670-7375 for an expert arborist and tree-trimming service’s help?

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