How To Tell if a Tree Is Dying in Plant City, FL: Three Signs

Are you wondering how to tell if a tree is dying?

Trees are remarkably resilient organisms. Many can go on to outlive most animals, people, and other plants. Depending on the species and their living conditions, trees can live anywhere from a few decades to a few millennia.

In the natural world, trees can stand tall for a tremendously long time. But they can also come down in a remarkably short measure of time.

A healthy tree can make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard, but if you have a dead or dying tree, you’ll want to address it right away. Failure to do so could pose significant safety risks, especially since the tree could fall and damage nearby property.

It’s important to remove a dead tree before these potential safety hazards come about. Fortunately, help with that is only one phone call away! If you need expert emergency tree service in Plant City, FL, reach out to Central Florida Tree Care. 

how to tell if a tree is dying

Signs of Dead Trees on Your Property

So, how exactly do you tell if a tree is dead or dying? Different circumstances could lead to different hazards jeopardizing your tree’s health. When assessing how to tell if a tree is dying, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the following signs.

1. Decaying or Dead Branches

Do you notice an unusual number of sticks, twigs, or branches scattered about your yard? Do those branches have unhealthy, decaying leaves in the spring and summer? Are the attached branches appearing to decay and lean, as well as the tree itself?

If so, then you could have a dying tree. 

 2. Significant Tree Bark Loss

Just like outward skin diseases can indicate underlying health issues for us, so too can bark problems for trees. Is more than half of your tree’s bark peeling off, exhibiting visible fungal rot or pest problems, or giving way to open wounds? Those are problems you should address right away.

You might be able to save the tree by watering the bare spots and reattaching the bark. Pests and parasitic problems might also be treatable, so long as you’re able to catch them early. However, if the tree’s structural integrity is too weak, then it just might have to come down.

3. Lack of Vital Canopy Branches

Your tree’s canopy is essential for its survival. If your tree is missing more than half of its foliage, then that’s a problem.

Rotting and decaying foliage are also indicative of a malnourished, dying tree. Whether you need treatments or removal, a tree care specialist can provide your best shot at both!

When Tree Removal Is Necessary, Choose Central Florida Tree Care!

Storms, pest problems, bad tree pruning, and parasitic fungal infections can all jeopardize the health of your tree.

We know how to tell if a tree is dying, and what the best course of action will be. Call (863) 670-7375 to schedule service with our Central Florida Tree Care team!

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