Are There Consequences for Bad Tree Pruning in Plant City, FL?

Pruning your tree is a decision you should take quite seriously. When you cut away what brings a tree life but mistakenly chop off very important leaves and branches, nothing grows back quickly, if at all. Besides being unhealthy for your tree, incorrect tree pruning methods can also be unsafe for the pruner.

Central Florida Tree Care, the tree service experts in Plant City, FL, provides some insight into how to avoid bad tree pruning below.

What Poor Tree Trimming Practices Should You Avoid?

Every tree owner risks getting things wrong when trimming a tree without expert knowledge and techniques. It could be more cost-effective to take the trimmer to your tree yourself, but consider the consequences of botched tree trimming before you start. One faulty tree limb removal can be fatal for your tree, and so can the following errors of amateur pruning:

Over Pruning

It’s easy to look at your tree and feel like you’ve done an inadequate tree branch pruning job, but the most common error non-arborists make is doing too much. 

Cutting right down to the major branches is a perfect example of what over-pruning looks like. An inexperienced hand could find themselves with a large wooden tree that has no means of healing, growing back the limbs, or keeping itself fed in the meantime.

Wrong Cuts

Amateur tree cutters will often make cuts that aren’t as effective for pruning as proper techniques. For example, proper practice starts at the branch collar, not the branch ridge. In other words, you only cut off the branches after they branch off from the main one. 

You shouldn’t cut any direct branch where the stem runs into the main trunk of the tree. Cutting into the wrong sections of the tree can cause damage that’s hard for the tree to reverse. 


Top-cutting, or topping, is an unfortunate pruning practice that involves reducing the height of your tree by shaving the canopy extensively. Most professionals recommend that you avoid topping altogether because the canopy helps provide much-needed nutrients for the tree

If you accidentally cut too much away, new growth will come, but it will be comparatively weaker. 

DIY Risks

In addition to specific cutting practices, there are some mishaps beyond bad tree pruning that you’ll want to avoid. If you’re an amateur, you can injure yourself from dangerous pruning attempts, such as using an ineffective tool or trying to sever too-heavy limbs in a dangerous work environment. 

Working with professionals keeps your yard clean, your property intact, and your gardening safe.

Cut Improper Tree-Cutting Techniques From Your Life With Central Florida Tree Care

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