Do Trees Need Fertilizer in Plant City, FL?

Do trees need fertilizer? Like all living things, trees need nutrition to survive and remain healthy. Just as we water trees during droughts and mulch around trunks in the spring, we should provide our planted trees with the correct fertilizer they need to be at their best. 

In this post, Central Florida Tree Care, the top arborist and emergency tree service in Plant City, FL, and throughout the region, discusses your trees’ fertilizer needs. 

Back Yards Don’t Always Provide Balanced Nutrition

Trees evolved to thrive in forest environments. Natural environments constantly provide nutrition for all living things in the food chain. In forest environments, food recycles itself through fallen leaves, bark, and entire trees. 

As plant material decomposes and provides food for creatures that provide natural fertilization to the soil, every tree species adapts to thrive in their preferred environment. 

However, the natural food cycle is not always present on property developed for our residential and commercial use. Maintenance and landscaping remove food material before it can reenter the soil near root systems to serve as essential nutrition for trees.

How To Know When Trees Need Nutrition

The surest way to know if your property’s soil provides adequate nutrition to your trees is to have it tested by a Certified Arborist. 

Do trees need fertilizer? Signs of malnourishment include:

  • Poor annual growth
  • Undersized leaves and a thin canopy
  • Dead branches and tips
  • Discolored leaves turning yellow, brown, or purple 

What Type of Fertilizer Is Best

The Florida climate places significant nutritional demands on our natural soils. A quality tree fertilizer in Central Florida typically includes a strong concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and essential micronutrients like magnesium, boron, and manganese. Of these, nitrogen fertilizer is usually the most critical in Central Florida.

Of course, the best fertilizer for your situation depends on your local soil conditions and the species and condition of trees you want to feed. The experts at Central Florida Tree Care can assist you in evaluating your situation and recommending the best fertilizer to address any nutrient deficiencies on your property.

Our recommendations focus on a specified amount of fertilizer needed per 1,000 square feet on your property.

When You Should Fertilize Trees

If you choose a high-quality, slow-release fertilizer, the season you fertilize is not as important because this fertilizer releases steady doses of nutrition over time. Otherwise, spring fertilization provides an immediate boost before the growing season. Fertilizing in the early fall helps trees rebuild their energy stores before the dormant season after they have worked hard through summer to grow.

Let Central Florida Tree Care Help Keep Your Trees Healthy

Do trees need fertilizer? Now that we’ve addressed that question, let our team help provide your trees with proper nutrition. 

Central Florida Tree Care has been committed to preserving and protecting our amazing local environment and natural beauty since 2013. Whether you need help with tree maintenance, removal, obtaining a tree cutting permit, or any other arborist service, we are here to help.  

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