Is a Tree-Cutting Permit Mandatory In Plant City, FL?

Our Central Florida Tree Care clients rely on us to keep up with the region’s latest tree-related regulations. If you want reliable tree service in Plant City, FL, we’re your team. 

Here, the team discusses whether you need a tree-cutting permit in Plant City, FL, and when you don’t.

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Why Cities and States Regulate Tree Cutting

Trees are a vital resource that does more than just make a yard pretty. Trees provide shade and form a critical part of our ecosystem. They also filter the air we breathe, regulate temperatures, and keep the soil beneath them healthy. 

Did you know that tree roots bind the soil, preventing erosion? The branches also shelter insects, birds, and animals, sustaining a fine balance that keeps everything alive.

It’s understandable, then, with the rate at which Plant City’s growing, that the city can’t afford unregulated tree cutting. The state has strict rules about when you can cut down a tree. 

Trees on Private Property

At one stage, the town or county ordinances controlled tree-cutting permit guidelines. These rules applied to residential and forested lands, but the state passed a law in 2019 that changed things a bit.

Municipalities can no longer regulate who can cut down trees on private property. While there are exceptions, you can trim, move, or remove a tree on your own land. 

This legislation also did away with city bylaws, stating you had to plant new trees to replace the old ones.


Despite the leeway private property owners now have, they do need to know what the state legislation says. If you don’t, you could find yourself on the wrong end of significant penalties. 

One such example involves mangrove trees. If you wish to trim these plants, you’ll need a permit (if they’re over ten feet tall). To obtain the right permission, you might need to demonstrate that you have the expertise necessary to perform the task without killing the trees. 

There might also be restrictions depending on the specific area. For example, you need a permit if you fall under a canopy road protection zone (where most of the trees forming the canopy are indigenous). As such, it’s always wise to check whether the proposed cutting area falls under a particular forestry ranger district. 


It’s also worth noting that the rules mentioned above generally apply to single-family homes. Businesses, like a holiday tree business and developers, fall under a different category. The former might require a Christmas tree permit to operate. 

Developers have to be careful about tree-cutting areas, especially with protected trees. 

Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Local and state rules and regulations can be contradictory. You may end up facing a city official who’s not completely up to date, so to avoid issues, hire a professional. 

We keep current with the legislation and ensure tree-related work goes smoothly.

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