What Does Hazardous Tree Removal Involve in Plant City, FL?

The trees across your landscape offer a range of benefits ranging from erosion prevention to enhanced curb appeal. However, at some point, they can become a hazard and require removal. What happens when the pros come to your property for hazardous tree removal? Central Florida Tree Care, a top notch emergency tree service company in Plant City, FL, explains below.

When Do Trees Become Hazardous?

Trees become a hazard when they become a danger to public safety. If the tree is a danger to your property, people around, or public infrastructure, then it has to be removed quickly. Some of the examples of hazardous trees include the following:

  • Dying or dead trees
  • Diseased trees
  • Storm-damaged trees
  • Trees with co-dominant trunks
  • Trees with structural cracks
  • Trees with large cankers or decay
  • Leaning trees
  • Trees with weak unions
  • Trees with encroaching roots

If your trees tick any of the above boxes, it’s time to schedule hazardous tree removal services with an experienced company.

What Happens During the Process of Removing the Trees?

Here’s what you can expect when the hazardous tree removal crew arrives at your property.

Initial Inspection and Assessment

The removal process will begin with the arborist confirming the severity of the tree’s problem(s). Is the tree decayed or diseased? What’s the lean and root structure? Their findings will determine how they will approach the removal.  

Planning for the Removal

When putting together the plan for the removal, the team will carefully evaluate the location of the tree and the size. Are there any power lines or other obstacles around the area? Will there be need for special safety protocols for workers? Answering these questions will help in finalizing the plan for the removal.

Site Preparation

Before starting the removal, the team will carefully clear the area around the tree of any debris. They will also ask property owners to move anything that may be damaged during the removal where possible. With the site ready, the team will set up cones, fencing, and other safety systems to keep people away from the work area.

The Tree Removal

Tree service companies removing hazardous or damaged trees will do it in the following ways:

  • Felling. This is the standard method of cutting down a tree at the base.
  • Climbing and rigging. This process involves using ropes and pulleys to control the direction of a tree’s fall. It’s useful for large or tall trees.
  • Crane removal. The removal team may need to use a crane to remove the tree in sections.

Site Cleanup

Most tree service companies will also clear up the worksite, removing all debris generated during the site cleanup. During this stage, they may also grind stumps and chip up branches.

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