How Do You Stop a Tree From Growing in Plant City, FL?

Many people expect the trees within their landscapes to grow tall and beautiful. Routine maintenance, like tree trimming and mulching, can help achieve robust growth. Still, trees can get too big for their environments, so how do you stop a tree from growing?

As a leading tree service in Plant City, FL, Central Florida Tree Care provides residential and commercial tree care services. Here we explain the best methods for limiting tree growth and why they’re sometimes necessary.

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Reasons for Controlling Tree Growth

Halting tree growth isn’t something you should do to every tree in your yard. Still, knowing the answer to “How do you stop a tree from growing?” is necessary in certain situations. 

For instance, overly tall, mature trees or plants with oversized canopies may outgrow their areas. Planting trees within 10 to 15 feet of a house, building, utility pole, or other structures can lead to problems like foundation damage, broken underground plumbing pipes, problems with utility equipment, and roof damage. 

Your tree may be too big for its space if you notice these warning signs:

  • Overhanging branches touch your roof
  • Branches are close to power lines
  • The tree poses a property damage risk if it falls
  • Tree roots are pushing sidewalks, fences, or foundations
  • The tree’s canopy is preventing lower-lying plants from getting enough sunlight

Top Tree Growth Inhibition Techniques

Avoid developing a problem with your oversized tree by considering these strategies to minimize or stop growth.


The best way to address an oversized tree is to prune it. Corrective pruning methods like crown reduction for established trees and developmental pruning for fast-growing young trees involve trimming dead, diseased, crowding, and encroaching branches. 

Plant Growth Regulators

Growth inhibitors or regulators are hormones that slow how fast a tree grows. An arborist injects the base of the tree with the growth regulators, causing the plant to reduce its size without cuts. It’ll produce shorter offshoots at a slower pace. 

Removing and Replanting

Sometimes it’s better to remove a tree and transplant it to a more spacious location on your property. It takes a lot of time and energy for a tree to grow into a tall, majestic plant. If you don’t want to prune the tree down, you can remove the large tree and replace it with a smaller one that won’t grow too large too fast.

This method is also ideal for trees that don’t respond well to size-reduction pruning. For instance, you can prune conifers, but it’s hard to reduce their size and maintain their visual appeal.

Need Help Preventing Tree Growth? Turn to Central Florida Tree Care

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