What Is Considered a Tree Emergency in Plant City, FL, and How Do You Handle It?

Some Plant City locals don’t know what constitutes a tree emergency. Many don’t even realize that trees can cause emergencies. How can you identify one to protect your home and family from a potential disaster? 

Central Florida Tree Care offers emergency tree service in Plant City, FL. Let our industry experience help you recognize compromising situations involving trees near your home. 

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What Is a Tree Emergency?

Trees require specific care to stay healthy and structurally sound. When they don’t receive that care, they can become dangerous. Much like a rickety old building, they might collapse or fall on people and belongings, creating death traps that go unnoticed until it’s too late. 

A tree emergency occurs when the tree becomes hazardous. The hazards might develop because of diseases, structural damage, or death. These dangers manifest in numerous ways.  

Types of Tree Emergencies

Some of the most common tree safety concerns in Plant City, Florida, occur because of diseases or storm damage. Hurricane-force winds, combined with ample rain and humidity, set the stage for sickly, hazardous trees. You might notice the following signs indicating you need tree removal.  

Unsteady Roots

Tree roots should spread outward and downward. They keep the tree stable while drawing nutrients out of the soil. Strong winds or shifting soils can excessively expose the roots and destabilize the tree. 

Damaged Trunks

A tree trunk might develop gaping holes because of rotting wood, traumatic impacts, or animal activity. Improper tree pruning can also contribute to hole development due to cuts that don’t heal, causing the surrounding wood to decay. A fungal or bacterial infection may eat away at the healthy wood, making it mushy and damp.  

Some insects can infest an already weakened specimen, using the wood as food or shelter. The tree is on its last leg once the rot destroys the wood at the center. 

Numerous Dead Branches

You can easily miss dead or dying branches at first glance. Look more closely, and you might discover bare branches with no foliage among limbs covered in healthy green leaves. An arborist must remove these dead limbs to protect the tree from deeper wounds or future infections. 

Leaning Tree

Soil erosion, high winds, and flash flooding can cause a tree to lean to one side. Unstable roots may also accompany a leaning tree. Steer clear of the side to which it leans, as the tree could topple at any moment. 

Proximity to Powerlines

Electricity and tree limbs don’t mix. A weakened branch could fall and down a powerline. Alternatively, high winds may cause a line to become entangled with a branch. When trees grow too close to powerlines, they are neighborhood-wide emergencies waiting to happen. 

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